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  The overall scientific and technological development goal of WISDRI in “the first five year plan“ period aims at strengthening integration innovation, digesting imported technologies and realizing re-innovation.  WISDRI will actively develop technologies and products with independent intelligent property and foster stronger independent innovation muscle to become stronger in iron & steel field and environment protection fields and more preponderant in competing with advanced manufacture companies and engineering companies worldwide on the same platform.
  Seizing rapid development opportunity of metallurgical industry, WISDRI takes fully use of his advantages to tackle high level scientific difficulties which also will bring him high benefit. He commits himself in gaining a series of valuable scientific and technological harvests, promoting industrialization of scientific and technological fruit to make technical innovation become the most important competition advantage in bidding for equipment integration and EPC contracts.

  Promoted by constant scientific research and innovation, WISDRI’s comprehensive strength boosts day after day, his main business chain extends wider and wider and his market share becomes bigger and bigger. The economic increase mode of the company transfers from more project number to higher technical service level, his scientific research & development and technical innovation form an active source driving WISDRI running forward continuously.