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1.  Ironmaking projects
  WISDRI is the largest and most important turn-key contractor and technical service provider for BF projects. It has undertaken the design and turn-key execution of over 100 new or revamped BFs, among which the quantity of BFs with capacity of 1000m3 or over accounts for 1/3 of the total BFs in China, representing the highest number of BF design and turn-key contracting by a single company in China.
        WISDRI is the technical leader for medium and large size BFs at home and abroad in terms of long campaign of furnace bodies, long campaign and high temperature of hot stoves, material supply and feeding systems, flattened cast houses, slag granulation system, bell-less furnace top system, coal pulverization and injection system, gas purification system, TRT, automation control, etc. WISDRI possesses over 110 patented technologies for iron-making project. Over 50 design, research and development items for BFs are awarded with Excellent Design Award and Scientific and Technological Progress Award at state, ministry and province level.

2.  Steelmaking projects
  WISDRI undertook the design, equipment integration and turn-key contracts of over one hundred large and medium scale steel-making projects, including hot metal pre-treatment, electrical furnaces (80~150t), BOFs (30~320t), secondary refining units (LF, VD and RH), CCM, etc. She had provided excellent services to large and medium size steel makers in China, such as Baosteel, WISCO, Shagang, Lianyuan Steel, Angang, Xiangtan Steel, etc. Recently, she successfully entered oversea steel market in Malaysia, India, etc. 
        In steel-making field, WISDRI possesses over 50 patent technologies and many proprietary technologies. Many projects undertaken by WISDRI, such as WISCO No.1 SMS “open hearth revamped to BOF”, WISCO No.3 SMS, Magang 320t BOF, etc., were granted with Excellent Design Award and Science and Technology Progress Award at state, ministry and province level for many times.

3. Steel rolling projects
  Hot rolling
        WISDRI has undertaken numerous hot rolling projects for large and important steel complexes of the country, such as WISCO, Masteel, Liuzhou Steel, Angang, Handan Steel, Zhuhai Steel, Lianyuan Steel, Xinyu Steel, Rizhao Steel, Shagang, Kunming Steel, including hot rolling of strip, medium (wide) plate, section steel, wire, bar, H beam, steel pipes, etc. Many “First”s of the industry in the country were created. Over 20 design items of hot rolling projects were honored with Gold/Silver Award for Excellent Design of the State, and Excellent Design Award for many times at ministry and province level. 
        WISDRI built the first slab CCM and hot strip rolling combined line in China, and undertook the 1780mm hot strip rolling production line of Angang as the general technical responsible party. Recently, she undertook a large amount of turn-key projects, such as medium plate production line at Tiantie, revamping of 1700mm hot rolling production line, bar mill at Yangchun Steel, section mill at Honghe Steel, H section mill at Kunming Steel, etc. 
         Cold rolling 
        WISDRI has undertaken consultancy, design and turn-key execution of cold rolling projects of most large scale key steel makers of the country, such as Baosteel, WISCO, Angang, etc., and the projects of important steel plants from over 20 provinces, ranging from carbon steel, electrical steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, etc. The cold rolling technology of WISDRI plays a leading role in the country, enabling WISDRI to take approximately 70% of the market share in China.
        WISDRI won “first grade prize” for many times for her steel rolling services offered to large and medium size companies home and abroad. WISDRI built the first large scale cold rolling project in China---1700mm cold rolling project at WISCO. She successfully developed the first indigenized push-and-pull type pickling production line, wide strip continuous hot dip galvanizing line, large scale wide strip continuous pickling line, continuous electrical galvanizing line for high quality exposed panels of automotives, continuous hot dip galvanizing line for high quality automotives sheet, automotive sheet recoiling and inspection line, high speed electrical steel continuous annealing line, titanium strip pickling line and the first HAPL line in the world to produce up to 16mm strip thickness. 1550mm strip cold rolling project of Baosteel, etc. was honored with over 10 Excellent Design Awards at ministry and province level. No.2 cold rolling line of Angang ,for which WISDRI is general responsible for its process technologies, won First Grade of National Science and Technology Progress Award. Masteel turn-key electrical steel project won “National Golden Key Award for Turn-key Projects”.
       WISDRI has under her possession many technologies with proprietary intellectual properties rights. “Skin pass mill compatible for both hot and cold material at Ezhou Steel”, “2-stand skin pass mill project at Baosteel Yichang plant”, “single stand cold rolling mill at Laiwu Steel” were honored with Third Grade National Science and Technology Progress Award, First Grade Science and Technology Progress Award of MCC, Second Grade Award for turn-key execution and design of metallurgical projects of the country.

4.  Industrial furnace project
  WISDRI is very powerful in design and equipment integration of industrial furnaces. She had participated in the establishment of key projects for large state and province level steel complexes and private steel makers, including WISCO, Baosteel, Shougang, Angang, Benxi Steel, Xiangtan Steel, Taiyuan Steel, Lianyuan Steel, Masteel, Shaoshan Steel, Liuzhou Steel, Ezhou Steel, Baotou Steel, Shagang, etc. WISDRI had undertaken the design, equipment integration, turn-key project and other technical services of over 200 furnaces of different types.           WISDRI‘s industrial furnace design services extend to R & D of pyrological process and equipment,  energy conservation, environment protection integration and automatic control system, equipment integration until manufacture of key equipment.

5.  Energy saving and environment protection
        WISDRI WISDRI has leading and cutting-edge technologies and strong human resources for environment protection. It is able to provide all-around services, including technical research, consultation, design, equipment integration, turn-key project, commissioning, project management, project operation management, etc. for environment protection and resource renewable. Her  business covers comprehensive treatment of municipal waste, hydrochloride acid regeneration, waste water and sludge treatment, waste gas or fume treatment (dedusting and desulphurization), thermal power generation, etc. Rather powerful and good at technological development, project management and financing, WISDRI has made remarkable accomplishments in environment protection market home and abroad. 

6.  Municipality and residential building 
  WISDRI is also rather strong in design of industrial and residential buildings. Being one of the most powerful and influential company in mid China, she is able to undertake design of buildings and municipality projects (with Grade A qualification) and to provide relevant technical consultation and services.
With her unique advantages in design of municipality projects, WISDRI has rather completive edge in the market. The projects that had been undertaken mainly include city roads, public roads, bridges, tunnels, flood prevention facilities, environmental sanitation facilities, public transportation facilities, municipal heating facilities, fuel gas supply facilities, etc.