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WISDRI undertakes industrial operating projects in iron and steel, energy resource, environment protection and municipal construction fields in BOT, BOO and EMC mode, etc., these projects are mainly related with:

Energy saving and emission reduction : as one of “Energy Conservation Service Companies” firstly approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance, WISDRI provides systematic energy saving and emission reduction service for iron and steel industry under the support of his strong comprehensive technical strength and his scientific quality management and control system. These services cover consultation of energy saving technology, whole plant & whole process energy saving project planning and construction, energy performance contracting  for iron and steel company;

Industrial gases : WISDRI has built up an integrated professional industrial gas service system covering technical R & D, production, sale, trade and market network operating. It has accumulated plenty of experiences in safety production management and sale of industrial gas. The gas products provided include oxygen, nitrogen, liquefied oxygen, liquefied nitrogen and liquefied argon, etc.;

Clean energy resource: with “promotion of sustainable resource development" as his mission, WISDRI commits itself to R & D, engineering, construction and operation of clean energy resource by availing of his technical experience over past years. It produces clean energy, such as heat, electricity and gas for industrial and civil application by utilizing residual heat and pressure from the industrial plants, solid urban wastes, biomaterial (e.g. stalk) as raw material.

Waste water and sludge treatment: WISDRI has “Class A certificate for soil restoration and pollution control of  polluted area” granted by relevant authority of Hubei province, allowing it to undertake businesses such as various industrial waste water treatment and living waste water treatment. Moreover, WISDRI is also the initiator enterprise which is responsible for organizing “Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance for Soil Restoration of Polluted Area”.