Equipment integration and Manufacturing
Deep Processing of Steel Product
Real Estate

        Iron and steel engineering: WISDRI, as a leading company in China’s iron and steel metallurgical construction field, has fulfilled hundreds of key construction projects of the state and ranks top 10 among the China survey and design enterprises in terms of the comprehensive strength and operation revenues. It is capable of providing the customers home and aboard with whole process life-time turnkey contracting and technical services of different modes in the fields of ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and industrial furnace and etc.

        Energy resource and environment protection projects: supported by the self-owned advanced technologies in environment protection and powerful human resource advantages, WISDRI can undertake such Works as technical research, consultation, design, integrated equipment supply, turnkey contracting, commissioning, project management, project operation management in environment protection and energy resource recycling fields, for instance, sold waste treatment, waste water and sludge treatment, fume control, environment friendly thermal power generation, etc.

        Transportation and municipal construction project: WISDRI is strong in design, construction and project management of municipal construction projects, and its business in these aspects spreads all over Hubei, Hunan, Shenzhen and Chongqing, mainly covering city road, highway, bridge and tunnel, flood control and prevention, environmental sanitation facilities, public traffic, city heating and gas supply, etc.

        Civil and industrial architecture: WISDRI has fulfilled over hundred of engineering projects with respect to public building, residential building and industrial building, amounting to 40,000,000m2 building area in total. Many of the projects are granted with prizes by the Ministry of Construction, the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and Survey & Design Association of Texture, and are certified by ISO9001 Quality System.