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Title | WISDRI Winning Hoa Phat Steel-making EPC Project
Date | 2017-07-04


On June 28th, 2017, a piece of exciting news comes from Vietnam steel market: WISDRI, as the consortium leader, in association with SMS Group, successfully signed the Steel-making EPC contract (phase 1 and phase 2) with Vietnam Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex.

Vietnam Hoa Phat Group is the top steel-maker and also one of the most competitive private enterprises with the greatest potential in Vietnam. The steel-making project that WISDRI undertakes together with SMS is a 4 x 120t converter unit with annual production capacity of 4 million tons. A number of innovative technologies are employed in this project, like non-water cooling converter vessel technology, double-motor tilting technology, evaporative cooling technology, dry-type primary gas cleaning technology, hot stewing type slag treatment technology and so on, which have remarkable effect in energy saving, emission reduction, cost lessening and efficiency improvement. Particularly, the technologies of non-water cooling converter vessel, double-motor tilting and dry-type dedusting have reached advanced level worldwide. Phase 1 project is scheduled to be put into production at the end of Nov. 2018 and Phase 2 in March 2019. After completion, this project will be an important milestone in the development of Vietnam steel industry.

Signing of the contract signifies a great break-through of WISDRI after its oversea strategy adjustment, a surge of WISDRI’s competitiveness on global market, and also a successful example of WISDRI exporting abroad its independent core technologies and equipment under the guidance of China’s “Belt & Road” initiative.

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