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Title | Successful Ex-work Inspection of Main Equipment of Bangladesh KSRM Steel Making Project
Date | 2017-06-19

From May 8th to 23rd, representatives of the Owner Bangladesh KSRM and project-related team members of WISDRI jointly implemented ex-work inspection of Category A equipment of Bangladesh KSRM Steel Making Project. The representatives of KSRM present at the inspection include Mr. Salim Uddin, the vice president of KSRM Group, Mr. Mostafa Anwar Khan, the director of steel making plant, and Mr. Shafiul Azam, the senior manager. The ex-work inspection covers such main equipment as medium frequency furnace, ladle furnace system, oxygen making plant, water treatment system, air compressor station, dedusting system, etc. After 15 days’ equipment inspection work, main Category A equipment of the project successfully passes the ex-work inspection.

KSRM Steel Making Project is WISDRI’s first medium frequency steel making furnace project, which is of great pioneering significance. Given that the project features high technical difficulties, strenuous design tasks and complicated construction conditions, all the project team members are devoted to brave development, active exploration and persistent study amid lacking in relevant working experience. Successful pass of the ex-work inspection of the project equipment has laid a sound foundation for the next stage work. Through the inspection work, the representatives of KSRM have further known and recognized our technical capabilities and spoken highly of the equipment quality and its test run.


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