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Title | WISDRI Granted Honors at 2015 Work Conference of MCC
Date | 2015-05-07

During January 14~15, 2015, Mr. Xiang Mingwu, chairman and secretary of CPC committee of WISDRI, and Mr. Xiao Bai, general manager of WISDRI, attended the 2015 Work Conference of MCC. At the conference, Mr. Guo Wenqing, secretary of CPC committee of MCC, delivered a work report titled Building an Upgraded Version of Businesses and Recreating New Advantages of MCC to Be the Globally Best, Largest and Strongest “National Team” in Providing Metallurgical Construction and Operation Services, and conveyed important spirits of the speeches delivered by President Xi Jinping at the Fifth Session of CPC’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. On the meeting speeches were also made by Mr. Mu Zhanying, chairman of MCC’s Board of Supervisors and Mr. Zhang Zhaoxiang, president of MCC.

As one of the five representatives nominated for experience sharing, Mr. Xiang Mingwu delivered a speech at the conference titled Making Proper Top Design to Secure the Leading Position in the Regional Market. In 2014, WISDRI has made respectable achievements in its strategic transformation, market exploration, technological innovation, internal management, etc. and accomplished all the assigned tasks, which is recognized and praised by MCC group.

At the conference, WISDRI won the honor “Outstanding Contribution Award” and “Excellent Organization”. Mr. Xiang Mingwu, on behalf of WISDRI, received the honors. The Outstanding Contribution Award is a special award established by MCC in 2014 for performance evaluation of its subsidiaries. It is granted to those who realize all their financial budget indexes and create business revenue and total profit 20% or more than the target, to those who create business revenue of 20 billion RMB or more or total profit of 1.5 billion RMB or more, or to those who have a business revenue budget of 10 billion RMB or higher and realize 5% more than the budget or create a total profit of 500 million RMB or more. Only 8 companies were granted this honor.

Honors were also given to outstanding individuals at the conference. Mr. Su Ruimiao (from Quality Control Department of WISDRI) is awarded the honor “Model Worker of MCC”. Mr. Zhang Xiaojun (from CCEPC of WISDRI), Mr. Zhao Jinbiao (from Energy & Environmental Protection Branch of WISDRI), Mr. Liu Jing (from Iron Making Branch of WISDRI), Mr. Xu Hailun (from R &D Center of WISDRI), Mr. Liu Bing (from Architecture Design and Consulting Company of WISDRI), Mr. Zhao Hong (from Shenzhen Branch of WISDRI), Mr. Shi Jun (No.1 Civil Engineering Department of WISDRI) and Mr. Dong Kewei (from Marketing Division of WISDRI) were granted the honor “Excellent Worker of MCC”.

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